Volunteer Opportunities in the Philippines

Not generally part of the SE Asian volunteering circuit, the Philippines only came to the radar following the devastation that was caused by the Typhoon Yolanda or the Typhoon Haiyan.? But volunteer overseas opportunities in the Philippines are not just concerned with the relief for the typhoon victims. The country is something of a hidden gem as far as the volunteer opportunities are concerned.

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There are lots of volunteer Philippines opportunities that cover so many other areas including reconstruction projects, public health and nutrition projects, orphanages, conservation projects, community centre projects, marine conservation projects, volunteering at orphanages, volunteering with the street children, volunteering with young girls who have suffered abuse, sports coaching for the disadvantaged children, teaching English in rural schools and so much more.

With a reputable volunteer organization that helps in planning these programs adequately for you, you can find the best volunteer overseas programs in the Philippines that will fully utilize your skills and time so that you can make a difference. If you are looking for some productive GAP year programs in the country, here are some options that you may consider:

Volunteering with children in the Philippines

Philippines is a developing country and there are impoverished pockets in the country where kids grapple with the reality of poverty everyday. Kids in these communities generally face very bleak prospects. You can choose volunteer work overseas in these communities that is aimed at breaking that cycle of poverty by equipping them with the relevant skills that they will need to fend for themselves in the society.

There are plenty of volunteer programs that you can take part in order to assist the kids who live in poverty and with little prospects in life. These include taking up teaching positions in the rural schools, volunteering with the kids who have some special needs, working with orphans in the various orphanages, serving in various medical missions in the impoverished communities, the provision of health and nutritional services in the poor communities, coaching, teaching dance lessons, mentoring kids and so much more.

Working with youths and adults

It is not only kids who face harsh times in the destitute communities. Youth and adults also grapple with various challenges and you can make interventions in order to help in alleviating these. Look for placement programs where you can get involved with these demographics. Some suggestions include taking volunteer work with women in shelters and working with youth in the conflict zones.

Coaching sports and teaching fine arts

If these are areas of your expertise, then you can use this opportunity to impart the requisite skills in the communities in which you will volunteer. Kids in the destitute communities rarely have the time or resources to engage in these extracurricular activities and this is your chance to assist them.

Working as a public health volunteer

Have some medical skills? You can impart it here in order to help relieve some pressure off the Philippines’ overstretched health system. You can volunteer in the nutrition projects in the impoverished communities or at a rural health centre in the country.


There are various teaching opportunities that you can take up during your gap year that go beyond simply teaching English. You can volunteer in teaching rural kids some English lessons, teach out of school youth or volunteer with deaf students.

There are other volunteer overseas projects in the Philippines that involve many other activities such as community development projects and marine conservation projects. With the Involvement Volunteers International, you can discover these opportunities and unlock them in order to make an impact during your GAP years. To know more about us, visit: VOLUNTEERING.

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