The Minimum Requirements for Getting a VA Home Loan

The VA home loan benefits are offered to both the past as well as present members of the U.S. military. These loans are backed by the US Department of veteran affairs or the VA, but they are issued by private lenders. In order for you to be eligible for these loans, you must meet certain minimum requirements that have been set by the VA. Here is an overview of some of these minimum requirements although, for comprehensive information and support, it may be advisable to contact VA loan experts in Champlin MN.

Certificate of Eligibility

For you to qualify for the VA-backed loans, you will need to have a certificate eligibility for the loans that you can get from the VA. You will need to file the Veteran Affairs Department form 26-1880. The veterans who served for at least 90 days during WWII and for a certain minimum duration afterwards will be eligible for the VA certificate. It is important to note that the requirements for veterans who served in the military in peace time vary based on the station. VA loan experts in Champlin MN can advise accordingly on these requirements.

The minimum service time that will be eligible will vary from 181 days in certain stations to up to two years. Other groups that may be eligible for the VA certificate include Reservists as well as the National Guard members who were activated after 1990 and who have spent up to 90 days in active duty. Other eligible candidates include spouses of service members who were killed or died in service, but the specific circumstances of eligibility will be determined by the VA. People who received dishonorable discharge are generally not eligible. Read more at First Class Corp.

A VA Appraisal

For every loan that is VA backed, the department generally requires an appraisal of the value of the home done by a professional. Either the borrower or another party that is involved in the transaction will place a request for a VA appraisal by filing a VA form-the Form 26-1805. Once this is done the VA will appoint an appraiser who will make a determination whether the home is worth the mortgage that the borrower is requesting.

Available Entitlement

If you are a former service member or the current one, you will get an entitlement from the VA department. This refers to the total amount that the VA is going to ensure your loans for. In 2010, the basic entitlement for service members was $36,000. For you to qualify for a VA loan, you must have a certain amount of entitlement. Check out

Your Financial Status is Acceptable

You still need to have good credit even if you are applying for VA loans. The minimum requirements will vary from one financial institution to another. VA loan experts in Champlin MN can help you determine if your financial status makes you eligible for loans by various VA lenders.

The VA will require that your income is well documented and it must also be sufficient to meet your repayment obligations every month. They require that you have at least two years of employment outside the military. If the employment doesnt cover that, the VA may require that you issue a written explanation. A VA loan expert Minnetonka has can help advise you on how to file the documentation.

There are lenders who will also search your profile for any unpaid federal debts. If you suspect you have any issue with your credit profile, contact VA loan experts Monticello has as these debts will need to be addressed before your VA loans can be approved. VA loan experts New Hope market has can advise you accordingly on how to address these debts so that you can improve your chances of your loans being approved. With a poor credit history, you will need to make timely payments for the duration of at least 12 months in order to repair your credit history.

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