Volunteer Opportunities in the Philippines

Not generally part of the SE Asian volunteering circuit, the Philippines only came to the radar following the devastation that was caused by the Typhoon Yolanda or the Typhoon Haiyan.? But volunteer overseas opportunities in the Philippines are not just concerned with the relief for the typhoon victims. The country is something of a hidden gem as far as the volunteer opportunities are concerned.

volunteer overseas

There are lots of volunteer Philippines opportunities that cover so many other areas including reconstruction projects, public health and nutrition projects, orphanages, conservation projects, community centre projects, marine conservation projects, volunteering at orphanages, volunteering with the street children, volunteering with young girls who have suffered abuse, sports coaching for the disadvantaged children, teaching English in rural schools and so much more.

With a reputable volunteer organization that helps in planning these programs adequately for you, you can find the best volunteer overseas programs in the Philippines that will fully utilize your skills and time so that you can make a difference. If you are looking for some productive GAP year programs in the country, here are some options that you may consider:

Volunteering with children in the Philippines

Philippines is a developing country and there are impoverished pockets in the country where kids grapple with the reality of poverty everyday. Kids in these communities generally face very bleak prospects. You can choose volunteer work overseas in these communities that is aimed at breaking that cycle of poverty by equipping them with the relevant skills that they will need to fend for themselves in the society.

There are plenty of volunteer programs that you can take part in order to assist the kids who live in poverty and with little prospects in life. These include taking up teaching positions in the rural schools, volunteering with the kids who have some special needs, working with orphans in the various orphanages, serving in various medical missions in the impoverished communities, the provision of health and nutritional services in the poor communities, coaching, teaching dance lessons, mentoring kids and so much more.

Working with youths and adults

It is not only kids who face harsh times in the destitute communities. Youth and adults also grapple with various challenges and you can make interventions in order to help in alleviating these. Look for placement programs where you can get involved with these demographics. Some suggestions include taking volunteer work with women in shelters and working with youth in the conflict zones.

Coaching sports and teaching fine arts

If these are areas of your expertise, then you can use this opportunity to impart the requisite skills in the communities in which you will volunteer. Kids in the destitute communities rarely have the time or resources to engage in these extracurricular activities and this is your chance to assist them.

Working as a public health volunteer

Have some medical skills? You can impart it here in order to help relieve some pressure off the Philippines’ overstretched health system. You can volunteer in the nutrition projects in the impoverished communities or at a rural health centre in the country.


There are various teaching opportunities that you can take up during your gap year that go beyond simply teaching English. You can volunteer in teaching rural kids some English lessons, teach out of school youth or volunteer with deaf students.

There are other volunteer overseas projects in the Philippines that involve many other activities such as community development projects and marine conservation projects. With the Involvement Volunteers International, you can discover these opportunities and unlock them in order to make an impact during your GAP years. To know more about us, visit: VOLUNTEERING.

Life Studios: For the Best Wedding Videographer in Vancouver

A wedding is a memorable occasion in every persons life, with many memories to capture forever. This is why many people invest heavily on wedding ceremonies to select the best venue, attires, food and any other aspect that can make the outcome of the ceremony classic and admirable for many years to come. Wedding videography is a common practice that many couples use to capture the best moments of their lives as they enter into a new relationship. If you live in Vancouver and its environs, there is just one Vancouver wedding videographer to give you the best service in this field.

vancouver wedding videograph

Life Studios has been in existence for over 20 years, offering video and photography services to many clients during special occasions. The company provides video services to couples during their first wedding and subsequent anniversaries, as well as other important functions such as family parties, religious ceremonies or a social function whose memories should be stored forever. When it comes to wedding ceremonies, Life Studios has the best video equipment to deliver finest results to their clients. They understand their clients expectations, knowing that their love is extraordinary and their lives are unique, resulting in a product that embraces both aspects. Read an article here at?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Videography!

When you want to hire a videographer for your wedding ceremony, it is important to consider a few factors in order to come up with a well-finished product, and here is what makes Life Studios different:

? Experience: Many videographers, including those who are just starting choose wedding ceremonies as an opportunity to market their business. Hiring an inexperienced videographer can result in low quality pictures that do not reflect your expectations about the special occasion. Life Studios has enough experience to capture each moment of your wedding as it happens and they will meet you ahead of time to discuss your preferences.

? Demos: It is better to see sample demos of any Vancouver wedding videographer you want to hire for your wedding ceremony. This will give you a chance to discuss your specific request and assess the quality of their work beforehand. As a qualified and experienced Vancouver wedding videographer, Life Studios can give you its demos to give you an opportunity to assess how it works, whether it is an epic, romantic, or themed setting.

? Editing: This is a very important part of video production. A good Vancouver wedding videographer you hire should be able to take into account your editorial needs. This may include your choice of location, best shots you want included in the final product, and whether all the pieces are assembled together in a coherent manner. In this aspect, Life Studios has the ability to edit your final product according to your expectations and give you an evergreen video product that you will cherish for years to come.

? Equipment: Poor equipment can result in poor production. Life Studios has state-of-the-art video machines that can shoot from any angle to produce your product in the format that meets your expectation. They will give you options on how you can store the product, whether you need it in flash drive or as an album.

For more details, just visit?http://lifestudiosinc.com!

Must Have Features for Your Accommodation Reservations Systems

A state-of-the-art online booking system is a must-have for many modern companies selling travel products. The vast majority of customers are now booking for their services online and they need an intuitive and functional online reservations system that they can use to quickly make online reservations for various services ranging from accommodation to tours.

online booking system

online booking system

The popularity of these online reservations systems is on how they automate and simplify online booking processes. Buyers of your travel products will be able to make easy reservations for your products and services from the comfort of their home which is quite convenient for them. When you are absent in the online market, it means that you are obviously losing big to your competitors who have automated the accommodation reservations process.

But not all online booking system are the same. Besides, the market is really crowded with hundreds if not thousands of companies that are selling one travel solution or another. Customers value simplicity and reliability. They want a reservation system that will not fail them. Additionally, they want a platform where they can make reservations easily with only a few clicks of the button. Every booking system or booking engine must have some important feature that will ensure it is delivering optimal experiences and performance to the customers. These include the following –

A Nice Image Gallery

A good system must allow you to add beautiful high resolution images. Images are powerful marketing tools and are some of the most important conversion factors for any online booking platform. Through the images, the buyer is able to visualize in advance what they are going to experience once they make reservations. If the images are good, you have a good chance of making the conversions.

A Nice Book Now Button

The call to action is very important in triggering action and ensuring conversions. Have booking engines with bright, easy to use and simple buttons. These buttons should be catchy, easy to find and with a language that is actionable.

Real-time booking functionalities

Real time booking offers you as an operator a great deal of flexibility in terms of the tours that you offer. You can decide when and where to offer what and the customers also have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scheduling their online bookings according to their budget and travel needs. For example, the prices should be able to adjust automatically based on factors such as time of booking, date of travel and the customer behavior. As an operator, this helps to maximize on your sales without so much as answering too many calls or speaking to too many customers.

Multiple payment options

A good online booking system must offer support for multiple payment options in order to make it easier for customers to pay for services with relative ease. Apart from the usual VISA and MASTERCARD, it is important to have other options such as PayPal amongst others.

Social Media Integration

We live in the age of sharing information and online interaction and it is therefore important to have a booking system with some easy social media integration.

Phone and Online Support

This is a certainly a must-have in any online booking system. Customers may get some hitches when booking with your system and may need to make quick inquiries before they proceed with the reservations. It is therefore important to have a booking system with good phone as well as online support.

If you are running a holiday tours or accommodations company, you can make your life easier by using a robust online booking system such as that offered by Netbookings which has many of these features.

Enhance Your Buildings With Stone Cladding Brisbane Products

Brief introduction:

As historians say, stone cladding was prevalent even prior to the 16th century and in those days, cladding was done by cutting the stones to smaller dimensions. With the improvement in the construction technology, it is now possible to achieve more exquisite finishes with stone cladding in your home. Stone and Tiles Queensland, Australia popularly called as STQ is one of the pioneers in producing stone cladding materials. The agency provides services in stone cladding Brisbane, New South Wales and many other areas of Australia.

In fact, in these places STQ has opened its sales centers. The agency with its more than three decades of experience has gained enormous expertise in the manufacture of stone cladding products to suit the requirement of modern buildings.

Wide range of products:

The agency has successfully completed some of the major projects in association with Chez Andre Restaurant located at Peregian Springs, Pacific Harbour Golf Course in the Bribie Island. It has also supplied the products to a popular cinema complex at Victoria Point. As a matter of fact, the range of products from STQ is not limited to stone cladding; it also produces mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, floor grates, cobbling stones, pool tiles, natural stones and so on.

The STQ Stone cladding in Brisbane is recognized as a specialized agency in bringing out floor tiles, stone cladding and such other products in several enchanting designs and colors. The products are produced with the utmost priority to quality and delivery schedule. The agency also takes up customized design of tiles and stone cladding products.

Quality is the watchword;

The Brisbane stone cladding is done using the latest available technology. STQ always makes it a point to buy superior quality raw materials. Further, the agency has installed state of art machineries and the entire manufacturing process is carried out under strict multi layered quality control mechanism. The staffs are adequately qualified, trained, experienced and they are also dedicated to the work.

All these have enabled STQ to bring out stone cladding and other products of superior quality. As a matter of fact, in addition to the growing demand within Australia, the products are also exported to various other countries. Several reputed Engineers, Architects and Interior decorators have appreciated the unique quality of the products from STQ.

Appreciation from clients, engineers and architects;

STQ is a family venture and through its sustained efforts the agency has now grown in size. The products manufactured by this agency have won accolades from every customer as also from engineers and architects as one of the best stone cladding Brisbane manufacturers. True to its tradition, the agency has made ardent efforts to bring out new designs of stone cladding and various other types of tiles so as to keep pace with the modernity in buildings.

The stone cladding Brisbane products are available in varying price range. When you compare the quality, elegance and durability, you will certainly agree the prices quoted by STQ are quite reasonable. You may visit the website of STQ to know more about the products manufactured. You can also make personal inquiries or send email for detailed catalogue and your inquiries will receive quick and prompt attention. Browse http://www.stq.com.au/stack-stone-suppliers-products-cladding-brisbane-area-i15/ to find out more.

Finding Professional Marquee Hire in Sydney

There are times when we just like to relax and have fun. The best way to do it is to throw a party for your near and dear ones. Another fun event for family and friends would be nothing better than a wedding. But nurturing the thought of hosting a party and actually putting it in action are two things that are truly poles apart. Very few hosts are capable organizers. That is why you will need the best marquee hire in Sydney that also offer chair and bar stools to rent so that you can have a peace of mind and simply enjoy your party.

But the masses rely on a professional to lessen their burden of hosting a perfect event. This socializing and event hosting scenario has given ample scope to event management companies. Absolute Party Hire, as the name suggests is the perfect solution for your party hosting requirements in Sydney. The company is an ideal marquee hire in Sydney that also offer chair and bar stools to rent.

Any event, big or small, needs a perfect setup so that the guests and host can enjoy the function thoroughly. As experienced planners, Absolute Party Hire knows exactly the things that are required to make the party a success. They arrange for marquees in different sizes for outdoor events and also supply chairs and bar stools, cutlery and crockery, linen, lighting, tables, catering equipment and other accessories.

You can groove to your favorite music on the tailor made dance floors of different types. The company needs to know your requirements, number of guests and theme of the function and then the experts take it up from there and deliver perfect service.

All Party Hire helps in arranging events like birthday parties, weddings, children